Recommended Links 11/19/10

I haven’t put up a post with Recommended Links lately, so I have a lot of good things stored up. Here are some of them.

Social Media and Digital Discernment Bro. John MacArthur has written a convicting article on how social media is effecting us, and how a Christian should guard his/her time online.

A Time for Thanksgiving at Homeschool Heartbeat Listen to get ideas on how to in cooperate Thanksgiving into your schooling.

Colorado Foxes We just love pictures of animals, and love these little foxes. I can’t believe they get on top of houses!

Easy Peasy Pillow Making- RePurpose Crafting! Make easy pillows using placemats. Now why didn’t I think of that!?
Hat Tip: Money Saving Mom

Give Thanks Free Thanksgiving labels for gifts, place settings, etc.
Hat Tip: Money Saving Mom

Feminist Republican Sarah Palin Calls Supporters of Stay-at-Home Moms “Neanderthals” I was really disappointed to hear Sarah say this.

Reuse household items and save money 10 ways to give new purpose to old belongings

Time Management 101: Stop Trying to “Do It All” Be sure to read all of Crystal’s posts on time management.

How Do You Do It All? – Balancing Family and Home Business in the Real World Speaking of doing it all, I HIGHLY recommend the How Do You Do It All course by my friend, editor, author, business coach, and homeschool speaker, Mary Jo Tate. She is a single mother of 4 boys and works from home. She really knows what she’s talking about. She has been such a wonderful encourager to me!  This course is for anyone who needs to know how to manage their time better.  It is well worth your money!

What loneliness feels like Amy has put into words how I feel as a single mother. The ache is so very painful.

Facebook losing grip on Internet safety Their are many dangers for children on Facebook. If you have children, I would never let them use Facebook without you yourself being on there watching carefully and enacting all the privacy tools available. Even then, I would still be extremely careful what I post and allow the children to post.

Margin for Moms: An Interview with Carol Barnier “It’s okay to choose to say no to some activities, even some good activities, and just stay home.”

The Power of a Simple Gift Watch the joy on the children’s faces when they open their gifts from Operation Christmas Child. Be sure to grab a tissue!

Soldier’s heroic dog, brought from Afghanistan, mistakenly euthanized This is so very heartbreaking.:(