Single Parent Homeschooling

Today so many parents are finding themselves alone, because of death of a spouse, divorce, etc. It’s a little hard for me to discuss this topic, as it brings back so many memories of pain, but God has been so very good to me and my children and has proven Himself so faithful over and over again through His people. I encourage you to let God’s people know of your needs and help to carry you through. Please also remember that God is always there for you, as you seek to put Him first, NO MATTER WHAT. Divorce does not mean God cannot bless you and use you.:)

Being a single parent does not mean you cannot homeschool! I have been very fortunate and blessed to be able to homeschool through graduation for each of my children. I wondered how it could be possible, but friends gave me WONDERFUL online resources that have helped me, along with giving me very special, dear friends. Please avail yourselves to these resources and let these dear folks help you. God doesn’t want you to do it alone.:)

(Please note that I don’t necessarily endorse everything on the following links.)

Single Homeschooling Web Sites

A to Z Home’s Cool Homeschooling: Working and Single Parents
Many helpful articles and resources here!!

Homeschooling For Eternity by Skeet Savage
Skeet is the editor of the HOME SCHOOL DIGEST magazine and An Encouraging Word magazine. She began homeschooling in 1978, and homeschooled her six children for many years as a single parent. Skeet has included a chapter in her book dealing with being a single-parent homeschooler.

Single Parent Homeschool
“This website is full of ideas to equip you as you consider homeschooling or assist you in your homeschooling journey. We have articles, resources and special offers to help you as a single parent provide your child with a Christian home education. If you are a single parent considering homeschooling or already homeschooling, please sign up for our email newsletter, mark that you are a single parent and we will send you a free DVD with Israel Wayne, author and father of 4, who was homeschooled by a single parent. His presentation will encourage you.”

Single Parents Who Home School
Excellent site with testimonials, links, etc!!

Single Parents Who Home School E-mail List
(This group is for Christian parents.)

This is a marvelous e-mail newsletter received once a week, written by a single Mom who homeschools her daughter. — Single Parent HomeSchooling
This is a wonderful message board at! These ladies, especially Joyce, encouraged me the most when I first started out on my single parenting journey.

(I’m not sure, but I do not think this group is exclusively Christian.)

If you have a site for single homeschooling parents, and you’d like to be listed here,
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Single Homeschooling Blogs

A Dusty Frame
(Lizzie homeschooled many years as a single mother when her husband was imprisoned. He is back home, but Lizzie has not forgotten what those days were like.)
Electic Bibliophile
Patchwork Cottage
Susanna’s Apron

If you have a site for single homeschooling parents, and you’d like to be listed here,
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Single Homeschooling Businesses

Amelia’s Aprons
Beautiful handmade aprons.

Jackie Adams’ Lilla Rose Website
Beautiful, feminine Flexi Clips and other hair accessories.
Professional editing, writing coaching, and much more!

Pine Blossoms Website Designs
My website designing business. Business websites, personal web pages, and blogs.

If you you are a single parent with a business that you’d like to be listed here,
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I also suggest doing a search at Yahoo!Groups for more e-mail groups and Google for more websites.

Never Walk Alone
A Psalm for Single Parents
author unknown

When God blessed me with children,
a gift beyond all wealth,
I never thought I’d face the job
of raising them myself.
That’s why each day and night
I ask for guidance from above;
for patience, faith, a gentle push,
so I may act with Love.
I’ll show my children right from wrong,
encourage dreams and hope;
Explain respect for others,
while teaching them to cope
With outside pressures, inside fears,
a world that’s less than whole;
And through it all I’ll nurture
my children’s most precious soul!
Though oftentimes a struggle,
this job I’ll never trade;
For in my hand tomorrow lives…
a future God has made.

Dear Single Mother,

You are a single mother,
and I know it is not what you expected or planned for,
but it is something I understand. I have walked through this
with you from the very beginning, and I am with you now.
I know there are times when you are lonely, but remember
that you are never alone. I know there are things
that cause you worry and anxiety, but I want you to know that
I have promised to provide for you and meet your needs.

I want you to trust Me with your children ~ I will be a Father to them,
and they will never go anywhere that is outside the coverings of My love.
I want you to trust Me with your future.
I will do what is good and what is best.

When things are shaking I will keep you steady
When things are hurting I will heal the pain
when things are uncertain I will be your guide
when things are unclear I will be your Wisdom
when things are overwhelming I will be your strength
when things are dark I will be your light
when things are hectic I will be your rest.

It brings Me great pleasure to know
your heart is trusting in Me.
KEEP ON in My strength, KEEP ON in My joy,
KEEP ON in my peace, KEEP ON in My love.

Written by Roy Lessin